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Specializing in Assistive Technology


Who We Are

HearSay LLC in Staten Island, New York has been providing communication access services for the deaf and hard of hearing community since 2008. Our company was co-founded by Nicole Dory and Maryellen Smolka, who are assistive technology specialists. Using their combined experience of more than 20 years, they are able to analyze the communication needs of people with disabilities.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide professional, quality services for your company. HearSay LLC is an energetic and progressive company dedicated to providing communication access through a myriad of services that are offered both on-site and remotely.

HearSay LLC is both culturally competent and tech-savvy; we meet clients’ needs and create seamless integration into any situation. We are dedicated to continuous professional growth and the highest level of professionalism. Our CART platform provides access to auditory information for people who may be deaf, hard of hearing, or have a learning disability.


Meet Our Founders


Maryellen Smolka, Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Maryellen Smolka began her career in 1996 as a sign language interpreter/C-Print captionist as well as a CART provider. She has been working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals for more than 20 years, analyzing the needs of people with different abilities.

Maryellen has provided services in various settings, including high-level technical presentations for many organizations. She is highly skilled at both on-site and remote services. She is always seeking new and improved technologies to both streamline the

process and provide the highest standard of services available to all consumers. 

Maryellen has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Technology, with a concentration in Deaf Studies. She is a member of the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). She is part of a testing committee where she co-created a national testing mechanism for CART providers.


Nicole Dory, Co-Founder and Co-Owner 

Nicole Dory has been a professional CART provider and certified trainer for more than 10 years. She has had the pleasure of training over 30 professionals in the industry and providing continuous professional support to help them attain success. She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Information System and Informatics.

As an Assistive Technology Specialist, Nicole has experience working with people with various disabilities and creating customized systems that are unique to each client. Nicole created the remote CART platform that is used at the City University of New York and replicated by many companies nationally. She co-created the Registered CART Provider (RCP) National Certification Test for the NVRA.

Nicole has provided CART in various settings and locations, including the United Nations, Columbia University, New York University, the City University of New York (CUNY), the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan (OAP), and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Nicole provides CART year-round at many universities and colleges throughout the tri-state area.

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